A History of African American Targeted Advertising.

Craig at KMBA does it again (there's a reason why his blog was featured in Jet/Ebony Mag). Once in college I tried to take on the task on writing a paper that attempted to divulge how African Americans were "portrayed by the media" and "communicated to" over the years. It was like 13 pages and covered way too much, from black watermelon eating and pancake making caricatures of the negro persona to black face to advertising to hip hop videos. And due to its sheer volume and variety of topics (and lack of pages), I viewed it unsuccessful at the end. What I needed was a thesis paper. But I was in the College of Communications, so I sure as hell wasn't writing a thesis paper for fun. I got a B+ on the paper, but I never quiet accomplished what I was aiming to do. This, is a a side note. The point of this blog post is to set you on track to Craig's blog to read about Minority Targeted Advertising through the years. Read it all the way through and click all the links. You won't regret it. 

Can you dig it?

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