A little NBA for Today.

Ewwww....Reggie Miller got called out on several public beaches last weekend for "going after married women." Allegedly, disgruntled  husband, Alex Von Furstenberg had enough of Reggie calling his wife-to-be up. So that makes Alex today's person of the day. He's got balls, especially after Reggie threatened his life (another allegedly). I'm no fan of Miller. His kept my 90s all star Knicks team from greatness one to many times. But I have a question higher on the totem pole of need-to-knows to address. Does anyone know if the "V" in Von is visible in initial form?Like how my initials are SW. Is this dude Alex's "AVF"? I have actually been wondering whether people with pre-last names (like) "Von" got initialed or not... for about a month now. Anyone? Answers? 

And in other news, Stephen Marbury falls victim to youtube. And that's sad. 

Very sad. It's like he lost a bet or something.

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Jen said...

I would say it's initialed. I'm thinking of Diane Von Furstenburg who goes by DVF. Probably depends on the person though...