step off, I'm doin' the Hump.

what up yall!!!

its me L. I had to take leave from prostituted thoughts because i broke my back or my back got broke (i had a stick in my hand and went for a ball and thats how you get a broke back. LOLs),i found a beach, went on a train ride down to dc, got crazy with incubus, learned to speak Russian, and became a much better tennis player.

After 3 weeks of hiatus, Humpday is back. I know y'all missed this so much cause the percentage of babymaking on a Wednesday has rapidly decreased (raise your hand if you chuckled at that joke). So to get your Wednesday groove back I have compiled a greatest humpday songs playlist or the Greatest Humps of Humpday.

humpday greatest humps

"Act like I'm not your lady
Do me like you wanna do them other girls" - name that tune

NOW everyone get to humping!

thats all.

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Cas Ruffin said...

Like You Don't Love Me by Janet Jackson