The Linkdown.

1. Ewww, let me get a slice of head. No, not that head.

2. 25 Rules for the modern woman.

3. And when you're done with that, here are 10 things men find sexy in a womans purse. The fact that hot sauce is one of them...should make you want to read more.

4. Blueprint 3, Album artwork.

5. ABC tries to explain shirtless nation leaders. At the end, they blame democracy. I simply say...it's Russia for christ sake.

6. Word on the street is that Lady Gaga has a penis

7.Madmen yourself (only if you have flash, that it). But if you like me, and dont want to install it...you can just look at other people's creations

8.The NYT boils all of America down to one graph. Segmentation was never so colorful.

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