The Linkdown.

1. I once had a girl call me 18 times in the span of 2 hours. That's approximately 9 times, every 30 minutes. Who said girls aren't crazy?

2. Wait....have I shown you this? I think I have...but if not....it's ridiculous.

3. Heath Ledger's last movie. Allegedly.

4. Nia Long goes naked for PETA. In repayment, PETA photoshops a pole in between her legs. Pro fur indeed.

5. NY population, day vs night. F*ckin commuters.

6. Buy this jacket and pair it with these gloves, and you are ready to go into battle. Oh Fashion...how art though.

7.Oprah and Gayle loss their lesbianism over Jay Z.

8. The real buns of steel. "That Shit's Tight, Literally."

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