Pricing Yourself.

Some advice on what your worth. It's a tough one, but a wise man once told me....never underestimated (or underprice) your abilities. Good ideas and design knowledge is as much of a commodity as stocks and bonds. One rule I can give you is to never work for free. If you are in the industry...dont give you talents up for air. 

View a recent convo with my girl friend:

Me: So when I get home we can come up with some ideas. Sounds good yeah?

Her: Yeah, we'll have a brainstorming sesh

Me: No we wont, I'd have to charge you atleast $35 and hour for that. Let's just have a talk, an see what comes of it. 

So...in the end. Price wisely. Price fairly. But most of all....buy yourself something after you get that first freelancing check. Cause that sh*t goes fast.... 

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