Remember me?: While I was gone

I feel the pressure to keep up with my posts, or else they will get buried!

So some of these may be a bit old but they were interesting nonetheless. So get off my back! I'm just a guest.

Ciara: Maybe people will quit hating on her for losing weight. Or they will forget she's in the song and buy it b/c of Justin. He's a good enough reason for me to download. ;-)

Some songs make me wish I was a dude so that I could run around quoting all day long. Take "Every Girl" for example. No video yet but stay tuned. If you think it's a display of male chauvinism, you're porbably right and you'll just have to get over it.

On a more serious note, the Chicago Tribune examined the fact that African American stock ownership has lagged that of whites; however, in this economic environment that's a good thing! Wait, what?!?! 

Finally, proof I'm a giant dork: WEST SIDE STORY! I know the song that corresponds with each photo. High School Musical has nothing, NOTHING on Maria, Anita, Bernardo and Tony!

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shaun. said...

ummm, you forgot to talk about A ROID. prostitutes. questionable Details photoshoot....prostitutes.