Cartoon/Smartoon: The Best Cartoons You dont Know about.

I would like to introduce to you my avid reader, a new series that will only run on Throwback Thursdays: Cartoon/Smartoon.

It is my personal belief that the cartoons back in the day were not only better written than the crap they show to our youth today, but they were smarter. Anthropomorphized sponges and spikey haired card carrying dragon fighters...these are the "cartoons" that run the airwaves today. When I see my little godson watch TV, I see the tv happening to him (not the other way around). What happened  to tales of wonder and laughter? The shows that sponsored creativity? The plots that forced your imagination out of its dormant cave and made you wonder where, how and why...and most of all MAYBE. I miss that.

In this edition, I will be showing you the toons that I loved...but can't seem to find others who can honestly share that love with. When I get into one of my nostalgic, drinking on an empty stomach rants  about "how I will raise my seed on old cartoons, and they will be better people," I reference the well known: Thundercats, Scooby Doo and The Animaniacs. No, animals cannot talk...but damn-it, I learned something when I watched these show. I speakof the  semi-memorable ones like the Centurions, The Littl' Bits and Wayne Head. But these are the toughs one (that I liked):

Street Sharks- Besides the completely awesome theme song that makes me want to rock out with my c*ck out, the concept...walking shark men that bite through anything and everything. Come one....you can't, not like that.

Mighty Max- Ummmm, talking fowl as a friend. 

The Wild C.A.T.S.- On Cartoon Express, back when USA was cool. 

Dinosaucers- I loved this show...point blank.

Samurai Pizza Cats- I mean...this came on at 2pm, right before the rush of Disney cartoons. I don't even try to bring this up to people. Because its just bizarre. And it wasn't until recently that I knew I was not crazy (robot pizza delivering japanese cats....).

The Noozles- For some odd reason, I always bring this show up during my nostalgic banter. Then I explain that it had to do with stuffed Kualas that came to life when their noses were rubbed and then sucked the main character through a worm whole into a magical world. 

The Mutant League- Ok, so these mutants play human sport. Except the sport was extra dangerous. So people lost limbs and die all the time. Come on....this is made for the boy's-boy (kid version of man's-man).

The Herculoids & Co.- This was a late night cartoon. It came on at like 2am on Cartoon Network. And I just felt cool and grown up watching it alongside Birdman, Young Samson, The Galaxy Trio.

Oh there are more....I just wanted to wet your whistle a little bit. I don't want to overwhelm you. There will be multiple editions. And many extensions. BE....excited!! BE...BE....excited! This series is going to be....the BOMB.



Risk Continuum said...

i use to watch all of these. I'm going through a Nostalgia trip watching this

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