It's still 2009 and we here at Pros Thoughts are still continuing our efforts to make this blog as entertaining (and engaging) as possible. So, in yet another vain attempt to add value we decided to add a new guest blogger, "L". "L" is short for Laila. I hope that I didn't just give away her pen name. But if I did, it's ok....because she already jumped right in with her first post

No worries kids. Just like Rhe K, L for Laila has signed a waiver (cough::contract::cough) to post frequently, post openly and post non-discriminately. A few things about her so that you feel more connected.

1. Laila is in the magazine industry. Think...The Devil Wears Prada

2. You know the saying "Go Big or Go Home." Well...Laila never goes home. She always goes big. If there's something entertaining happening, Laila is there. And she is probably having a better time than you. Whenever we hang out, we literally compete for who is having a better time.

3. If there is a movie that people refuse to go see with me, which happens alot, Laila will go with me. 

4. Laila has the fashion game on lock. What can I say...we recruit for the betterment of the blog. 

5. Oh yeah, she also has the best taste in music. Infact, she will probably steal the blog job from me. We will see.

So, there you go. I promised you guest bloggers, and I delivered. On a side note: The best part about this entire thing is.... these "guest bloggers" have no idea that I am using them to bring down my typo/misspellings to post ratio. Mu ha ha ha. 

Now go forth and read.


Kiss my black ads said...

Welcome lady L! I'm gonna miss them typos, the make me feel welcome. There's something very "chaming" in those little "mithakes" that makes you feel like a real person is doing the "blogalin" and not a "machin."

Have fun kids.

L, my mellow, it's on you, so what ya gonna do... ?

shaun. said...


i have a theory that there is a blogger troll that goes around after i post and turns my articulate words into mush. its just a theory.