Dora Explores Training Bras.

I'm writing this blog specifically for Rhe K. She has a bit of an obsession with Dora the Explorer. And it appears as if Dora is getting a make over.
Dora is being turned into a Tween. Now, I would be lying if I said that I hadn't caught an episode or two. In fact, after baby sitting my lil nephew and his Dora the Explorer tape for a night...I could not help but to hum the catchy opening credits. But that Dora will soon be no more. Where as Dora was a spunky little bilingual Mexican girl that figured stuff out with her brain and literally taught kids with a colorful monkey at her side and her cousin Diego from the burrio....she will soon join the ranks of Miley Cirus and Taylor Hicks. 

I have already kinda spoken on this subject. Mattel and Nickelodeon claim that the new Dora is meant to emulate kids 5 years old and up. They claim that they want Dora to grow up with the kid audience she has today. It's a solid argument (not to mention the tween accessories the parent will be forced to buy in the name of love). But I do have a rebuttal. How about just letting the kids grow up? Let the kids fall out of love with the character and find a new appropriate one all by themselves. I mean...that's what my generation had to do. We had to make a conscience decision to let go of Nick Jr and move onto the Disney Afternoon (well, some of us did....ahem Rhe K.). We stopped watching Eureka's Castle and started watching Blossom. Why? Not because Blossom was an incredibly good show....but because its natural to grow the f*ck up. It's natural to move on. Progression is natural. Maturing is natural. Training one's own abilities to make a decision is natural. 

The only thing unnatural about this whole Mattel/Nick scheme, is the fact that they they are trying to keep up with an aging demographic. There are 1 million babies being born a day (according to wiki). Instead of focusing on these kids who are growing up, how about you try to keep up with the spremlets being born today.  
btw this is Dora's new silhouette.

UPDATE: I just reread this post. Sorry. I feel like I just channeled my inner parent. D.A.P.M.B.D. (dads against poorly made branding decisions).


socialedisturbed. said...

whoa!!!!!!!! looks like the season finale from last season dora went exploring for puberty.. the fuck is goin on?! last i recall.. rugrats were rugrats...for YEARS... since when these mofos start growing? that's insane..

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