StarTrek 2009.

I never was a Star Trek fan...but this looks awesome. I have to admit that I use to watch the show when Whoopi was on it. I was still coming down off of my love for anything and everything related to Sister Act. Yes, still to this day, I would watch Sister Act (1 and/or 2) at anytime of day with joy and complete fulfillment in my heart. I would not change the channel. Sh*t, I'm still waiting for the third one to drop.

P.S. And Whoopi was great on Star Trek...because she didn't and doesn't have any eyebrows. Talk about superb casting.

That's all.

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MHB said...

ditto. never been a fan of the show, made fun of my friends who were, but just saw a trailer in the theater today and about fell out of my seat...