Give that baby a bottle...and a billion dollars

Postal possibly going postal.
ahahhaha i just had to do that.

this article talks about how the USPS is near the end of existence.
Well actually they said they're crashing, but crashing always results in the end, right?
luckily i stocked up on my forever stamps when they were 39cents. yea luckily

Here is a quote from the article.
delivering mail five days-a-week instead of six would save $3.5 billion per year.

----- well hello you just found your problem and made your employees life much more better. saturdays off!!! yippie skippie!!!

Why is everyone crying to congress.
congress got their own problems.
stop treating congress like that rich uncle you have and only call them to borrow something, help with something, and only invite them hoping to receive a gift.

why you crying USPS, suck it up and let the people of america get another bill-free day or report card free day. DONT Fuck up our weekends.

thats all.

I also think that the USPS needs to survive because then how else will i be reminded to pay my bills. reminding me by email... no i dont check that. by text...hell naw you aint getting my number. I need a pile of envelopes so when i get tired of looking at them then i will pay them.

btw... i made that pic. u like?

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