Ipod with no Wheel...the beginning of a new world order.

Holy Monkey...not only has the ipod shuffle upped its anti to 4 gigs but it also sports a sleek and new, non-wheel look. Yes, it's tiny. Yes, it speaks to you (in a robotic, I'm stealing your brain type of way). But the most pertinent change is the fact that you control it through (drum roll please) your ear buds.

Wow, that's amazing! There's no more convenient wheel. So if the earbuds break I must replace them at the apple store. Perfect! And in the meantime, I'm stuck with a useless piece of hardware that to some people might be called a jump drive. Oh wait....I would have to have an apple connection cord for that.

I'm pretty sure the Nazis started off somewhat like this.

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Risk Continuum said...


but really though brand synergy at its best. I hope there is a backlash as people realize how they are being forced to periodically pay apple to use their own Ipod.