life lesson: on man tears prt 2.

Macho (who has a tat on his face) has some remorse from leaving the show From G's to Gents.

Craig really did have a winning argument last time I brought up the subject of man tears. But I double dog dare him to explain the clip above.


socialedisturbed. said...

well he shouldn't have flicked his tongue at ol boy... right? i only saw one episode.. and fell asleep on it.. but that was the one.

Craig Brimm said...

L.(the f•ck) O.L. well you got me! That is what's clinically known as "Nuttingcus the Fukkus Uppicus" sometimes referred to as b*tch boy-itis, which is commonly mistaken for b*tch-assedness. Symptoms are excessive punkishness, cowardice and exaggerated sense false macho.

***For the record this should not be displayed in public!***

shaun. said...

thank you.