The Soul Train Line.

This week, Throwback Thursday is dedicated to teaching you...you the reader, how to dance. Now, I'm not talking about all those new hippity hop dances that the kids do today to Lil ______ or Lady _____ . I'm gonna take you back in time. Back to a time when you actually needed to ride the beat. Back to a time when it was ok for a man to do a split on the dance floor. Back to a Soul Train time. Pull out your pens and pads...and take some notes.

Side Note: I just want to say...if you did not try to copy at least one of those dozens of moves you just saw, while you were sitting there in your chair.....and/or....say "Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy" (in your head or out loud), then you don't deserve to learn how to dance.

Now go, get down and boogie. I've got a friend in town, so I'm out and this is my last post of the day. Peace and hair grease.

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Craig Brimm said...

They should release these on DVD. Then I could get some serious practice in.