David Letterman is kinda bad ass.

Ok, while I was trying to watch Jimmy Fallon fill the shoes of Conan OBrien (a complex joke in and of itself), I changed the channel and caught this little gold nugget of a clip of David Letterman laying it on Rush Limbaugh. I have been trying to figure out a way to approach Limbaugh's pro-american, anti-Obama "I Hope He Fails" mind set . A few people have spoken out about Rush's loud mouth antics. But ultimately, they end up apologizing. In this case, even Ice Cold "Ms Katie" Couric was afraid to talk outloud about Mr Limbaugh. 

So I will just ask 'Why is everyone so afraid to approach this man?'  Why hasn't anyone said, 'It's not okay to say that you hope the President of the United States fails.'? Cause guess what...you live in America man....

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