Let's talk about the new NBC series, Kings, shall we. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am about four episodes in (DRV time) and I did not recognize parallel of the show's plot to the Biblical story of David and Goliath. And that is sad as I used to be tested on the bible back in my hay day (heavy religous background...bet you wouldn't guess that about me). But in that...I think lies the true nature and quality of this show.

Point blank, the show is a little bold. It's beautiful and far too well written for primetime television. There is an air of magic to it. The viewer is transported into a modern day monarchy in which the people look and talk just like us but they are ruled by a King. The show's executive producer, Michael Green calls it "soft sci-fi"-which is probably why I like the show (yea, bet you didn't know I was a psuedo-geek either). In short, the main character (David Shepherd) is a soldier who rescues the King's son from enemy territory and allows the path to peace between the two territories. He returns home a hero and his new found celebrity status quiet literally throws a wrench into the royal court. The very nature of royal family and thier rule is outted to the viewer piece by piece as we unravel the mounds corruption, deceit and human frailty. Tie that in with a few misguided governmental decisions and you have a situation all too familiar to use today but at the same time eerily out of touch . 

Without a doubt there is an air of magic to this show. There is an aspect of luck and faith and bravery that keeps the left side of your brain guessing. And that's interesting. I will admit, the only reason I even tuned in to the show was because there were billboards for it all over the god damn subways. But now I'm a little addicted. And I care about these imaginary people more than I do about my family. I think LOST has finally met it's match.

I kid about the family thing. But really....  

*I feel like I just wrote a press release. Ughhh....what a dirty feeling.

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