life lesson: on man tears.

Shaun Rule #1: Men should not cry in public.

I try my best not to impart any personal judgment on this blog. My opinions...sure, but I do want to keep an air of light hilarity flowing in and out of this blogs lungs. And for the most part...I prefer a discussion. But to this point, I must state an opinion, nay...a life lesson. It recently came to my attention that a reality series recently ended with a man by the name of Jason, crying off of his balcony because he lost not one lady...but two

Point blank....man tears are unacceptable. If you (man), think that you are going to cry, you must exit the situation. Book it to the nearest corner...wipe your eyes and think about that time made that winning touchdown in the big highschool football game. "You are the Man." Don't cry infront of a girl (trust me I made this mistake early in my dating career) and certainly do not cry on national tv. Why? Because it always ends in mendable embarrassment. You will never gain your manhood back. 

Remember...this is not debatable.


Kiss my black ads said...

Oh yea of few years and even fewer tears. The time will inevitably show and the tears will untimely flow. Your authenticity forced by someone's mendacity. Is but water from the eyes, pride sheds when man cries.

When I held my first born child in my arms I wept uncontrollably. With my second I literally walked around for an hour, straight-faced unaware that a non-stop stream of water streamed out of my eyeballs. It's OK to cry.

shaun. said...

ok. ill give you a pass on that one.