Let's play....

...the "name all the random guest apprearances in the Jamie Fox's new video" game. 

I've found:

 Ron Howard
Jake Gylleynhal (sp?)
Forrest Whitaker
Quincy Jones
Morris Chestnut
Samuel L Jackson

Did I forget anyone? I feel like if I watched this video again...I would see President Obama.
After launching his old video, Jamie had a bright idea. Make a video and throw in the most random people you can. I'm guess the plan is to daze and confuse the audience into thinking it's a good video. 

Hat Tip to Laila!


Kiss my black ads said...

I couldn't push play. I cannot hear this song again. It's not a bad song if you don't mind the same sound, mixed with the same lyrics, done by the same crew. I like "chopped and screwed" or is that the same song too? I'm confused.

shaun. said...

the thing is...every auto tunes song is the same. the exact same.

socialedisturbed. said...

i cant help but dance to this... and im SICK of it!... SICK!