My Facebook friends get alot of letters.

And they post them on line. Good bless them.

Letter #1- The Kind Weed-head Artist
My friend asked her neighbor to crack a window if they are going to smoke weed all day, everyday. Reasonable request, it's not like you are asking them to quite being a weed head. Hand writing is a mess though...as in he might have been writing this while he was high.

Letter #2- We "Refuse"
The second, is from the lab table of a group of highschoolers. My friend is a teacher, and I'm guessing after he threatened to separate them...they decided to form a coup. Little monsters.

Both are genius in thier own right. But I did tell friend #2 that he needs to lay down the law in his class. While cute, the classroom is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship....atleast when I was in school, it was.

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love this