The Linkdown: It's never too late to get that last minute V-Day gift.

1. "My dick is sort of like a white supremacist." and more slightly racist pandering from John Mayer. Oh yeah, and her used the N-Word. (not how you keep your hood pass).

2. Ron English, meet PETA. PETA, meet Ron English.

3. With a little click of the mouse, MTV alters their logo, to reflect it's lack of music. But they are still called MTV.

4. 20 Interesting things about Valentine's day. (besides the 20 plus you'll be spending for a made up holiday).

5. Showing some love to this years MVP, in the Puppy Bowl.

6. Can you still call the show The Jersey Shore, if it's not in The Jersey Shore. Yes. BTW, these busters are getting paid a crap load of money to come back. And this is why American children are the stupidest in the world. (cant wait for season 2).

7. Fashion is...a Kobe Bryant gang bang. Take one (or 20) for the team.

8. The untold story of sensitive African American Vampires.

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