Covering February, 3.

What does it say about you exactly, when a publication decides to run a pic of you from the 80s instead of asking you to come to a photo shoot...as you are now? I just saying.

Let's get over the fact that Tiger Woods is a whore.
It's not that interesting.

I dont know Louise Burgeon is...but I want to?

So creepy sometimes? Like Tim Burton in real life, creepy.

No. No. No. I will not accept classy Meghan Fox.

I'd think this guy was cool, if it weren't for that silly accent.

Alicia? Love.
Cover design decision? Don't love.

Season 3? I need something to watch on Mondays.


Jennifer said...

I think the Madonna thing is just because that look is so in now...her then is the icon for how people are styling themselves in 2010.

I love lady gaga, didn't recognize Alicia Keys, and on Ray J the image...ick, and why is it basically a job to be a basically washed up celeb? I wish they did reality shows about washed up Career Counselors, I could sure use the extra income, lol!

Jennifer said...

Sorry about basically twice *hangs head in shame*

shaun. said...

i think you should make a pitch to vh1 and get that side hustle on. lol.