Damn , France.

"The campaign, he said, is to convince young people that smoking is instead 'an act of naïveté and submission.' He continued: 'We can’t be tepid on this subject, we have to hit hard. We are working against years of myth on the basis of films and stars, and we fight against this with zero euros.'

I swear. Other countries be getting away with some crazy ass sh*t in the ad making game. Preteens giving blow jobs to middle aged men as an hyperbole for smoking. The Line: “To smoke is to be a slave to tobacco.” I'm not even sure I get what they are saying. Is giving blow jobs similar to slavery. Cause if so......________. The image by itself reads like your just doing this dirty old man a favor. I dunno. 

France went hard. They might have missed. But they went hard. 


Catcher In The Rye said...

If smoking is sucking cock, then what is munch box?

shaun. said...


Mike Shadow said...

C'est shite? Is that how you say it in French?