Obligatory Super Bowl Ads Post.

So. I'm a day late. I had some....well, some kick back from the Super Bowl that caused me to need some R&R. Though I didn't care about the teams, in general...I must say that the game was pretty entertaining. There wasn't that time in the 3rd quarter where the multiple commercial break seemingly bring the game to a halt and you are thinking about how late it's getting in comparison to how much you are drinking and how you're out of witty things to bring to the "Comment-Out-Loud" in front of strangers act that is the Super Bowl party. But...I must admit that I was high off the euphoria cuteness of Puppy Bowl for like a half an hour. But that is neither here nor there.

But let's talk about Super Bowl commercials shall we. They pretty much all sucked this year. So when I do this breakdown, you have to take it in context. The Good, the Bad and the In between. So, "The good"....metaphorically speaking would be like the skinniest kid in fat camp.

The Good.

Snickers. Betty White made this spot. The end.

Fiddling Beaver. I have a soft spot for stupid stuff like this.

Doritos: "Keep Your Hand off my momma, keep your hand off my Doritos." Hysterical. And is some cases, this consumer generated ad has way more context than alot of the bigger agency spots.

Two...seemingly alright Bud Light spots. I put these here, because when I lived in Chicago...making Super Bowl ads with BBDO for Bud light ads was a young creatives life goal. Bud light is well known for man ads during the Superbowl, but in comparison to the stuff they have put out in the past....these...well while they still have the funny, they seem to be lacking in production quality. There are funny lines. And last minute scenario twists. But the overall executions seem lacking in thought. But that's just my opinion.

The Bad

Taco Bell. Charles....you are not allowed to eat anymore Taco Bell. Have you glanced in the mirror lately? Taco Bell is not agreeing with you waste line. And taco bells...what are you stuck in contract with this dude? What part of this spot makes you think a consumer would want to see it?

Budweiser. We get it. Animal trainers are making bank. The damn horses make friends. And then the horses and the friends remember each other years later. And they hang out. I think I've seen this execution before. Lazy.

Dove for Men. This was ok. Until....(you guessed it), the end. So know that you are comfortable in your life and with yourself...you can be comfortable using a girls soap? I think not.

The InBetween

This was good....up until the end. Que, vintage car driving on a desert road otherwise known as "a scene from any given 80's film." PS...I will never throw my underwear in the basket. Cause I am Man.

Parisian Google love. As my friends texted me after the spot "So using Google will eventually lead to making babies?"

Weird, as usual. But perhaps not weird enough.

See all the Super Bowl spots that didnt make my list here.

And then there were the spots that didn't make it to the Super Bowl. Man Crush is getting a considerable amount of attention. I'm not sure why. I recall the Snickers man on man make-out last year. In some respects....it might not be the worste thing to not make it to the superbowl. Especially if someone who has a blog is generally comparing all Superbowl Ads to a fat camp.
Wowsers...what an asshole.

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