Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy

I finally saw it. The documentary on Black comedy and how it evolved and fueled the changing and ever expanding black culture. It's really interesting. It breaks down black comedy, comedians and comedic endeavors intensely. The great, the limiting, the bad, and the ugly. Produced by Robert Townsend for Sundance in 2009 and commentary from the likes of greats like Bill Cosbey, Whoopi, the Wayans Clan and much more. Check it out when you can (you know the month is almost over, right?.....and you want to be in the know. Just in case your caught up). 

Go ahead. Watch it. It's smart and well made.

"In less than a Century black America has covered more social and psychological ground than any other people in American history. From slavery to President on the United States...."
-Why We Laugh: 
Black Comedians on Black Comedy

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Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Damn, this is tight, didnt even know it was out. Finna check it out.