Monica. Everything to Me.

Monica (yep I'm talking about monica on this blog) just dropped a new single that samples a very well known song from the 80's that my momma use to play on repeat.

Deniece Williams. Silly.



No normally, I would ask...who did it better. But it's not that type of blog post. I want to chronicle Monica's career for a second or two. Remember the early 90's? Blissful, right? Remember the first album, Miss Thang. Yeah...I owned it. I use to crank the song "Angel" on full blast and sing out loud like I was a girl. Dont Take it Personal was the epitome of how hip-hop/r&b was made in the 90's. Monica was young. The song's weren't deep...cause she hadn't experienced life yet. But she could sing.

Then she got classy (and sexy) in the late 90's. She was dropping tracks like Angel of Mine and Street Symphony. Remember when she completely out sang Brandy on her own track? Monica is a true and talented singer. Then...she kinda disappeared from the mainstream. She had a few club songs. But she kinda fell into the underground circuit of R&B singers, singing to a niche. Sure, I heard a person here and there who would promote her new album, so I knew she was still around. But everything I heard from her all sounded the same. With an array of weaves and "I'm going clubbing shirts", she let the world know she was a southern girl (and a little hood at that). Then she dropped that sh*t with Keiysha Cole. And to that, I say "Hell Naw." I mean....Keiysha Cole hasn't made a memorable track since her debut song "Love" (in my opinion) and I'm pretty sure that was a fluke. So that collabo was a real bust, as well as the song.

And here we are today. She is making music like the video above. And it's brilliant. The song is well put together. She sounds great. She look's hot (giant side weave and all). Not to sure about the stalker themed video, but overall Welcome Back Monica *finger crossed* for your new album. And I just wanted to write a throwback blog post about Monica. Now we patiently await the return of Brandy.

That is all. 

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Craig Brimm said...

*Me doing a Mento's extra corny -- but I think it's really cool thumbs up and nodding slowly*
"Awesome post dude."