my recap of last nights opening ceremony

I did some live twittering of my pros thoughts on the winter olympic opening cermony.
Best to ready from bottom on up.

Your lists:

i really like how they are doing all that they can to honor the fallen georgian olympian

oh oops found out that is doesnt go till 430am its actually 4:30hrs long. oopise

that kdlang? shes great!

who luckily hes growing that beard. look like he has a full long beard. but if you really look at it its just a double chin covered in hair

the tent came down (that what she unfortunately said) to reveal a chubby poet (thats that she said 1 to many times) hahahahha. im so funny

liveable? why you say that are some cities not liveable?

you think they are going to unveil some thing in the huge tent (thats what she said) @elisebug says "yea that ass"

ok now theres some faux skiers for all those who dont like people to walk on the snow. and shaun white loves it!

i love avocados!!!!!! thats how you can tell im a californian! yum yum eat em up eh eh. (the 'eh eh' sounds like a horn honk)

hes flying now

is this whole opening ish really going till 430? huh (said like tim allen)?

ok folks i just fastforward it. now there is fire on their feet.

fancy feet up there..... ok i guess ..... whasssesaaaaawwwwww

so are they saying the canoe is a witch? huh?

ok update on the wine. im pretty good at tasting and say my palate is almost advanced. IM sending this wine back. ewww....

sarah maclach... ummm i dont know what to say

makes me miss the pacific... i love the whales

sooooo cooool with the whales!!!!!

oh no....... ice is melting.. help help. becareful

donald sutherland is canadian??? should asked my sis cause they are friends

@elisebug says would you ever makeout with shaun white. i say no. she says she would

@PerezHilton have a glass or bottle of wine in hand too.

remembers the days when canada had the best and most popular uniforms. roots gear

ukraine!!! i love my Ukrainian friends!!

damnn... this thing is long. #thatswhatshesaid a

also want to live in S.Africa.

RUSSIA!!!!! davai davai!!! snovom godom a

NEPAL!!!!!!!! some one once to me i look nepalanese (ithink thats what you say) and he was from nepal too.

montenegro.... i want to go to there.!!!! and morocco. but still live in algeria

still want to live in algeria

@choijoy south korea. reppin

kahzakhstan....whoo whooo!!!!! @borat where you at

jamaica man!!!!

italy ... plain outfit

ireland girl made her self a redhead. hmmm.

in case your wondering why im not acutally live with my updates its because im pausing the tv to pour mas vino. ehhehe

im hungry for a hungarian. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

hong kong is its own country? didnt know that.

yea. germany!! my fellow germans!! and swiss and france!!!! spain, mexico, cauhilla, serrano, USA, so proud!!! of all my mixes.. @elisebug

alright time for a wine sip

go on ghana!!!!

i meant vive le France

clapping for georgia. standing O.. RIP

vive france or vive la france

new country i learned about tonight- MACEDONIA. what what!!

@elisebug wonders when LA will ever hosts the winter olymps. hahahah!! she so crazay

finland host the world sauna championship... wtf? ... okay then

ethiopia... go on boy!!!!!

denmark not looking so rich

cayman islands reppin in winter olympics... what.. okay!

seeing who has the cutest uniforms... bermuda brave with their shorts

whoa bermuda. look at those gamssss!!!

i want to move to algeria now!!!

armenia... let see if they are cute like kim and her fam. @kimkardashian and they are.

shawty what cho name is??? to the native canadian

live olympic twittering

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