Bottom Line: The Winter Olympics is NOT too Safe.

I've have already admitted that I do not watch the winter Olympics. But it is everywhere. So yes, I watched that Black Guy win speed skating-(and I've been compared to him at my office already-I'm light skinned by the way). And yes, I know who Shaun White is (he spells his name correctly...so obviously the best). I even caught the Chinese wins in pair skating (slow Sunday night with no cable). Apart from that...I am completely out of the loop. But I was just walking around my office and I saw a group huddled around a monitor. So like a natural office worker, I join the crowd to banter. And they are watching how 3 female ski jumpers bit it hard on the course. I cant find the video...but it looked a little something like this:

Yep...that's a helicopter.

So I'm watching this...and people were like "Oh they made the hill to high. And that's what caused them all to busted their asses." Now, I don't know if that is true or not (I don't even know the name of the event). But I was forced to think "So you 'train' for years to come and do a sport on an international level and then you f*ck up cause someone didn't build the course right?"

I know, I know. There's a rebutle to that. "Shaun, that is what makes winter sports so interesting." And this would be a valid argument. Except then I found out about that Georgian guy who died prcaticing to participate in his luge event: Nodar Kumaritashvili. Yep, killed....practicing. He hadn't even competed yet. He was from a legacy of luge competitors and the first thing that came out of his dads mouth and the Olympic Committee's mouth is that the course is "too fast." Too fast?

"The crash happened on curve 16, known as Thunderbird, where sliders experience a G-force of 5½ — more than a Formula One driver. Kumaritashvili came up too high, banged down into the inside wall and was then flicked into a metal beam holding up the roof. He had also crashed in a similar spot during the first training run on Thursday, along with a handful of other athletes."

Let's get serious here. People are throwing their bodies onto and down hill iced slip and slide....for the Olympics. And you are just now figuring out that the course maybe to fast? Get the fuck out of here. Sport is something you control. It's you training your body to do exactly what it needs to do (or more) for your own personal accomplishment. Your body and your ability should not be left in the hands of a mystical 3rd party. Especially when you are making it a competition (aka The Olympics).

Now there are videos circling the Internet of this travesty. It will never make it to this blog- because are not an extension of the Saw franchise. I feel horrible for that young athlete ad his family. And every other athlete that is putting their bodies on the line for these made up courses and events that have no rules or guides. Noder was NOT the only one in the history of the Winter Games.

And that....is the difference b/t the Winter Olympics and the Summer. In my opinion. Get it together Winter Olympic committee. Whether you live or not through the Olympics shouldn't be a talking point. The key work here is games. Games.

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