Type Nerd? There's an App for that,

"Massively Overrated, a two-man development shop in Denver with a great name, has just released the official iPhone app for the popular and ridiculously addictive Typewar web game. If you haven't played it, Typewar is like World of Warcraft meets flash cards. You're shown a single letter and two buttons, each with the name of a font. Select the correct font and gain points, level up, unlock new typefaces, and compete with the rest of the Typewar community for the number one position. Enjoy, nerds."

I woul say, I want this....but I would need an iphone first. I cant think of a better way to waste time during commute. But I can still do it during lunch. So all is good.

BTW, ummmm....I'm gonna guess Didot, right? 

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