Looking Back at the Grammys (really quickly).

I know I am a day late. And I know that this is not a celeb gossip site. But this recap will be really quickly....I promise.

-It's tough sh*t being a "female" entertainer these days. Look how you have to dress just to get some stage time. And look what you have to do... just to sell a itunes song.

-Why did Snookie from The Jersey Shore get to go to the Grammys?

- And about Taylor Swift. Like my mom use to say....
"If you can't take care of it...you probably shouldnt have it."

-Ok, that's it...now onto the Oscars. Really..."Up" as best picture of the year. Eh....

-Ok...one more, I admit it. I wanted to see Lil Wayne, Eminem, Travis Barker and Drake perform. I wanted to see what type of Cardigan Drake would wear (so I know what to buy next). And this punk wore a leather jacket. Damn it Wheelchair Jimmy.

All done. See...that was quick.

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