I do It All Again. Corrine Baily.

Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

Corinne Bailey Rae | MySpace Music Videos

And she's back. After her break out hit Like a Star, Corrine is back to hit us with her smooth feminine and soulful voice. I love myself some Corrine. I'm still on her about that Grammy performance from years ago. Try not to focus on the song too too much. You might shed a tear.

The only qualms I have about the video...is that if you have natural hair, you sure as hell dont go to sleep in you own bed without wrapping it. And if you dont....you DO NOT wake up with you hair looking together...not even n the slightest.


Craig Brimm said...

I think this song is about her husband who dies last year or two years ago.

so sad.

shaun. said...


that is sad.