Creepy Cheap Clothing Ads.

Have you guys seen the new Old Navy commercials? The ones with the mannequins? Well, it turns out they are made by Crispin Porter (all hail the holiest). In my opinion...I was creeped the hell out. The spot where all the mannequins twist their heads around to check out their own mannequin asses, reminds me of the exorcist... with a little bit of Chucky on the side. Or that bad guy from Batman that's just a marionette puppet, but can walk and talk by himself. Except these nightmarish ghouls are trying to convince me that there is some type of an upside to buying a pair of $19 jeans.

Crispin Porter takes it to a viral level for no reason. These side show mannequins all have back stories. They have a youtube channel and a faux magazine dedicated to them. If you are asking yourself why one would care about a cheap mannequin in a cheap store wearing even cheaper clothing...you have made a valid point. Crispin was also kind enough to rename the mannequins for us (to avoid confusion with the higher class ones from Banana Republic, I'm sure). They are called, supermodelquins.

...still creepy.

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kiss my black ads said...

Nooooooooooooooooo! I shouda watched the T-Pain video above. At least my brain knows how to block that out. Now I won't be able to sleep.

Anonymous said...

omg i came to your log so that i could ASK you to blog about this. you should firebomb that agency. i am violently opposed to those ads. also, old navy.