Let's call it quits with the complete zip hoodies.

Now I have a special place in my heart foe Super heroes. I will always watch a movie, animated series or even read an article that has anything to do with the heroic antics of a made up man or lady. And I love a good old fashion hoodie as much as I love an ice cold rootbeer soda. But I draw the line here. Here at this hoodie. I don't know if you guys have ever seen someone in public with their hoodie ripped all the way up, covering their face yet exposing their eyes through two ominous cut out slots at the same time. Besides having no purpose at all...it's kinda frightening. And it scares me to think that people will pay $78 for this hoodie (and they will) just so that they can cram into a packed subway car with me and still have the full and potent potential to rob me silly infront of everyone, and still be able to not be identified. 

I'm not sure who started this trend. I blame Bape. They always seem to want to harm their consumers with their bright colors and kindergarten-esk funky styles. But besides having a remarkably striking similarity to some other hats I know....these full-full zip hoodies in my opinion are nothing but a public nuisance. 

The End.

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Risk Continuum said...

this is way to late it should of came out last fall......