The Linkdown: "Pee Like Man, now you can."

1. Women of the world....good news....equality is just a dildo shaped pee drain away. Thanks the norse gods of feminism and fertility.

2. Attention, novelty pets collectors of Miami. We know what your up to. Cut it out and take up jogging or something.

3. Another step to take the human out of humanity. I see you internet.

4. Rihanna for Emporio. I can't stand her accent, but this....this is ok.

6. This is why PR agencies exist. Dear Netflixx Users....I messed up, is what you say to you parents (Mr. and Mrs. Netflixx) after a night in jail. See the Conana spoof here.

7. Manhatten Mini Storage...taking shots.

8. I would like to say that I tried really hard for this shot 2 weeks ago. My phone wasn't being cool. But THIS is my joke. I swear.....

9. Funny-ish spot involving George Clooney.

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