Where are they Now/Soul Train Awards 2010.

I know...usually I do a recap of the award show. Brief, but also indepth. But i would like to merge my recap with a throw back and then divide it by a Where are They Now (which I started years ago but never kept up cause it was alot of research). You see. Last Monday night....I decided to watch the Jets game with the gf (she's from the New England area ::caugh::booo::cough). But as football games tend to take forever to start, we started flipping channels, and we stumbled upon the 2010 Soul Train Awards. Trust me...I wasn't actively looking for it.

But a few nuggets before I get to the meat of this post:

Terrance (sketchy) Howard and Taraji (reminds me of my bfs highschool girlfreind) P. Hensen hosted the award show. And among the ridiculous antics they dreamt up, they decided to so a dance battle...girls vs boys (cause that's what black folks do). Below is the outcome.

And my response (as funny as it was), you are too damn old for skits like this.

Erykah Badu showed up out of nowhere looking like rag doll Oliver asking for more pourage. And then felt the need to clear up some facts via tweet.

Phew. Thanks for clearing up something so relevant that we ALL care about since your dive into obscurity. This is why I hate twitter.

And then Wold Blizter accepted the award on behalf of Eminem's best hip hop song of the year. Insert running black "they all look alike joke here." CNN's Wolf Blitzer , Dougie Fresh and Biz Mar Kee on the same stage?How can it get any better you ask? Wolf did the Dougie. Zinnngggg.

Now to the meat an potatoes. Ruddy and Olivia from the Cosby show.
Remember these cute little bunnies? Now I know....all kids must grow up.
I have even seen each one of them in their separate but equal venues. But they presented and award together at this year's show and my mind almost exploded.


I mean...come on. How old do you feel? F*ck.
The only good thing I get out of this realization of my age is that I may have found the following weeks hot chick.

Keisha knight Pulliam (aka Rudy Huxtable).
....which makes me feel kinda dirty, but what evs.

The End.

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