Movie Time: Good or Bad....their coming.

Battle: Los Angeles: What we need to do is... figure out a way to foil Daft Punk before they team with the Aline nation that chooses to use hand-to-hand combat to take over Cali. Take that...city of Angels.

The Smurfs: Yes. This is still happening. Put this up there with the Yogi Bear movie. And we can make a bon fire for all the classics to burn into complete and utter uselessness.

Limitless: So let me get this striaght Bradely Cooper...the magic pill that you dont know a good damn thing about, was a bad idea????

Thor: So there's a new poster.....but did you guys here about the controversy surrounding actor Idris Elba (the Brit) about playing the role of a traditionally white Nordic God? This is a fictional comic book. And this is a fictional movie. But hh yeah...but this is also America.

The Tree of Life: It's true. At first you feel like you are watching a commercial. And then....whoops, Sean Penn. And then you dont know what the hell is going on.

Aliens vs Cowboys: Raise your hand if you feel like you just got a little bit stupider. Or is it more stupid?

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