Covering Dec.

It's weird to see Jason Stackhouse all cleaned up. Isn't it?

I personally cannot wait to go through the new security measures at the airport.
And I WILL choose the pat down. I've got no shame.

Keri is turning out to be a freak. And I like it.

Katy Perry does Bazaar. Least slutty picture I've ever seen of her.

Meh....Kanye. Meh.

Don't like the red wig (just my opinion).

Eve? Where'd you come from?

Pamela Anderson's 13th Playboy cover. How many times could her vagina have changed since the 5th time (and the porno tapes).

The cover makes seems to make the metaphor that Palin is missing pieces of her brain. Am I the only one catching that? Don't read the words. Just look at the cover. Haha, hysterical. Cause I completely agree with it.
Interesting idea. Shapes.

Awwwwwww......Raven got her own cover.
She's all grown up now.

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