"Dont Waste your Sperm (on all those koalas)."

I'm guessing there is some type of lack of sperm epidemic in Australia. Because when a sperm donor clinic has to place an ad (an gross ambient at that)....there has to be a dire situation going on.

"A fertility clinic in Australia placed an ad in FHM that caused the magazine's pages to stick together. When unstuck, the pages revealed a woman posing in lingerie...The message being—donate it at the Repromed fertility clinic instead."

I don't want to be that creative that nit picks. But....being a man, I must point out a simple truth. Men don't jerk off into magazines. We are evolved biengs. We use high class apparatuses (apparati?) like....tissues. And....paper towels. And....well, bed sheets. Also, I wish the line was different. "Waste of sperm" is not the incentive to make a dude anonymously donate his sperm. Lack of money is. You'd be surprised what you'll do in college for a quick $300.

cough:: Not that I would know or anything :::cough:::

Agency: Jamshop, Adelaide

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