The Linkdown.

1. Underwear that lets the boys hang out free (cause that's exactly what all men want).

2. Comedy Central has got themselves a new logo.

3. The preview shots to Kanye's new video are a little spooky. Dead girls lying all over the place. Fingers crossed for for zombie dance scenes.

4. No...fur real!

5. I find myself incredibly lucky that both of my parents are computer illiterate....but in the case that you need a flow chart to tell you whether you should accept your parents on facebbok, this is it.

6. Live animals at church nativity reenactments are NOT a good idea.

7. The truth about facebook. This is like the Disney phallic covers scandals all over again. Except completely expected.

8. Oh please, please, please.....I cant wait to get this cry baby as the speaker of the house. The world leaders will indeed gain even more respect for us (sarcasm).


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