BET Awards 2011.

So, I tried to watch the BET awards last night. But lets be honest...True Blood was premiering. BET didn't have a chance. But I still you all a favor. Save 4 hours of your life, and check the highlights below. The performances.

DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne perform “I’m on One”

Trey Songs, Kelly Rowland "Motivation."

Alicia Keys/Bruno Mars

Chris Brown...lets just take a second to ponder upon Chris Browns outfit, can we?
Two words.....Cool World.

Tribute to Patty Labelle....who knew that one girl from Floetry (Marsha?) could sing like that? OK.

And ofcourse...Queen beyonce. Songs may be lacking at times, but when she performs...she brings it.

De Nada.

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