Skittles and Fruit by the Foot are the same?

When I originally saw this, I said "Awesome" out loud. They were really-extra weird. Then I started to wonder exactly who thier audience was. And the style was really familiar. So I hit up gmail messaging.

Me: did you have anything to do with this

Anonymous: hahah, no i did not
that was pretty bad

Me: oh...ok. just asking. it's like the skittles people got a hold of fruit by the foot

Anonymous: yeah, the ECD on the skittles campaign now works at Saatchi, who does Fruit by the Foot. Gerry Graf.

Me: ahhhhh, you are a fountain of advertising knowledge.

The other thing they taught me at portfolio school was the importance of having different styles. Rule #2 (rule #1 about babies and puppies). :::head nod::: So now there are two completely different products with similar styling...in the same catagory. What a shame.

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golublog said...

Yeah i liked it alot too. But its very similiar to the skittles, starburst stuff that gerri graff oversaw at TBWACHIATDAY. Though I guess if it works...it works.