The Linkdown.

Tom Cruise Dancing Gif

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1. Tommy and his black friends...fitting in requires public humiliation.

2. Senator Jeff Sessions said they were all going to light the pipe and have themselves a crack smokin' party!

3. Do you need a flash intro to your website? No.

4. Photocopier already in chair...saves actual xerox machines from grown frat boy antics like 2oo pound men jumping ontop of them; Xerox ecstatic.

5.Who Pooped?

6. In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s first lunar landing, LV makes a...custom made drunk. Yeah...correlation.....non existant.

7. LaToya Jackson's tribute song to her brother (Really, no comment).

8. The real Digital Clock. Very Fly.

9. Get your Michael Jackson Thriller Action Figure, here.

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