The Linkdown.

1. Mmmmm. That's some tasty guerrilla marketing. 

2. Florida is not a big fan of the NY relocation program. I must admit, when I first heard about it...I considered dressing like a homeless man for a free trip to Miami. 

3. How bored do you have to be to take time out of you schedule diss Mariah Carey? You simply have to be Eminem.

5. Damn, I wish I was a Young Republican. (I know this is late, but it's so utterly stupid...that's it must make this blog). LOL.

6. Mel Gibson still hates Jewish people. Hey...consistency is key. 

7.The Polite Umbrella. Much needed in NY.

8. My mom will be upset. She thinks the current MJ's  are beautiful. And if confronted she replies, "Well he paid enough to get them...after you spend a mill, you own it." So my question.. biology vs hard cold cash, who is more related?

9. Barack, The Barbarian.

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