Best I Ever Had. Drake (Wheel Chair Jimmy).

Yet...still filing this dude under Wheel Chair Jimmy Status. He even kinda admits it here...and I refuse to be tricked. And about the video. Well, as my roommate so pointedly put it, "They lost cuz they aren't wearing sports bras...can't concentrate with boobies bobbing in your face."- RheK

She's a girl. So she would know. 


Jazmin said...

Boobs galore!

Jazmin said...

Ok. Now that I've gotten over the bombardment of boobies, I can give additional comments on the video as a whole.

Quote of the video: "When you're out there and they put that D on you, take that D like the champions that you are." Hmmm...

Overall, I expected more from Aubrey, aka "Wheel Chair Jimmy." The acting...eh. Not up to par. And this should have really been shot at Degrassi and he should have been in a wheelchair. He'd be more inspirational that way, and maybe then those big breasted hussies would have caught the balls coming to their faces (wait...i made a funny).

As a big breasted woman who used to be a basketball player, I can tell you that these girls had no chance. Uniforms were cute though.

shaun. said...

i would like to note that his acting in the video, is just as good as it was in Degrassi.

and on being big boobied....i cannot comment on that. (on the court that is).