Wheel Chair Jimmy.

I've thought it over. I having been debating in my head for awhile now about how I would approach this subject: On new rap sensation Drake. I watched the BET awards last night (a subject that deserves it's own post). And I've decided. I'm blowing this dudes spot. Drake is a "new" artist just signed to the same rap label as Lil Wayne. He has got some good stuff out. Like  Brand New. And  Successful (which is my joint). But before he was Drake the rapper... 

He was Jimmy from DegrassiLet me explain:

Okay, lets start from the beginning . So there is this school in Canada called Degrassi High. And there is this group of students that hang out with each other, date each other and ruin each others lives (but continue to associate with each other). Above all, Degrassi seems to be the one place in the world, where the worst possible things happen to these group of students on a daily basis. It's pretty similar to the 5th circle of hell, in my opinion. But instead of changing schools or moving to a new town the characters fight their way through mental disorders, pregnancies, suicides, school shootings, pedophilia, STDS and all other sorts of horrible stuff/situations. Picture your worst week ever, and multiply it by a zillion...and you pretty much sum up the series. 

Jimmy (Drake) was the only black kid on the show (ok, not the only...but the only significant one). He was kind hearted and good natured...and proved on a daily basis that there was no good places north of America for a black male to get a line up. 
This was his crew. 

Somewhere in the 4th season I think (I've watched alot of this show), he got caught up in a school shooting. 

And then he was cripple. 

Now, he is in America and selling rap albums to 16 year olds, under the influence of Lil Wayne and his gang. Do you see the disconnect? I mean...he is not the first to make it out of Canada and onto American soil. Darcy some how got out and ended up in a nice home in 90210. But I just had to get this off my chest. No matter how hard he reps on BET or how many underground mixtapes he has made in the past 5 years...I will always be confused as to how he got out of his wheel chair.

But on a positive note...he finally has a decent line up. 


Risk Continuum said...

Don't try to make sense of it anymore. Rap will give you a head ache and a broken heart. did you see all his new video though. you would think he would be a better actor since he was on a show.....Ooops there i go trying to make sense of Rap again. My Mistake

Elouise said...


I stumbled upon this post and used in in my blog (http://vagranting.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/prostituted-thoughts/)

Thanks for your thoughts and the pictures and whatnot.

So Darcy made it out, the kid Chester (who Manny had a fling with, he was on 2 episodes maybe) is now on a Disney Channel show I think its called Aaron Stone but not certain. And Emma's been in a lifetime movie, about promiscuous girls...I think its called "She's Too Young."

Thanks for your thoughts and the pictures and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

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G said...

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Harold said...
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drakefanatic said...

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