Add these.

VIDEO FROM 2 nights before his death.

When i was a younger I wished Michael Jackson was my dad. My reason behind this is because if i was his daughter i would inherit his dance genes and be an even better dancer and to have a dance studio in my home.

I grew up (I think, hahah) and still wish i had some of his moves, but I do have a dance studio in my home. 1 out of 2 isnt that bad.

I put this list together... these are some of my faves besides the ones we hear on the radio.

I mean without the song "Human Nature" we wouldnt have got "Right Here" by SWV,
without "Whos lovin you" there would be no song called "Hold On" by En Vogue.

thats all.

UPDATE: had to do screen grab cause the playlist kept playing on its own. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you get these if you dont already.

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