Better On The Other Sid. A Tribute to MJ.

This is the most absurd combination of artists I have seen in a long time. The Game. Chris Brown. Diddy. Boys II Men. Polow Da Don (???). And Mario Winans. “Better On The Other Side.” Not sure if I like it (or if I like that Chris Brown is in it). Actually, I'm sure I dont like it. But I think we should really take into account the different types of people MJ influenced...and exactly what made him an icon. He is not just a string of billboard hits. No matter how you feel about his personal life, whatever judgment you make or have made....this man was a symbol to millions. Long before speeches of "hope and change," this man was inspiring hope and making change in the industry, for his people and fans and most of all... for me. And that is what makes this video ring true. 

VIA stuffflypeoplelike