These are funny.

I do not drink miller high life.....which means I may occasionally be caught crossing my legs with a pinky up. However, I've never had a popped collar problem...but I have had friends that did it (granted it was in 2002-2004). I do like how these ads are treated and the copy definitely makes them extra nice. But in the end of the day....if being a real man, less pretentious and more American is about drinking Miller Highlife, you might as well call me Filip, admire my ironed linen pants, my Gucci sunglasses and sock less loafers. And yes....I am always up for a game of football (the European one). I've got umbros in my man bag at all times. 

Cause I refuse to buy a Miller Highlife. Ever.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY

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