Go Forth and Buy Denim.

Not sure what it all has to do with denim, but it def smells like something W+K would make...for say...a sneaker. That kinda conveluted, half thought with a quarter meaning. It was probably pitched just like a scene from Madmen, inwhich the client sat in a dark room with inspirational music that was in sync with a slide show of people in jeans, while Don did the voice over. But this time they are wrapping it all in "Being American/Pioneer" or is it "Being Dirty?" Or maybe it's "Being a Dirty Pioneering American?" I'm not really sure. No matter what the case is, its better than making the claim that your jeans will turn you into an animal. Or is it?

The spot is nice though. 

Agency: W+K Portland


K said...

Somehow, I feel like those photos could have been more inspirational.

shaun. said...

the spot is dead on though. whatever it is they are trying to peddle with jeans....they do a good nike-ish spot. but for jeans.