AIDS is like having sex with Hitler. Duhhhh!

A hot and heavy sex scene with Hitler....because AIDS is a mass murderer. The only comment I have is, why did it take so long for someone to make this Hitler-AIDS connection and execute it in an ad?

Wow. Check out the print executions here and here. Not the best photoshop I've seen in my life. At least the spot has that skinemax feel to it. I always wondered what Hitler's "O-face" looked like. All they are missing is Tom Cruise watching from a dark corner (in the name of scientology) and whispering "Valkerie was a great movie" to himself.  BTW, the spot may be a little NSFW

Agency: das comitee, Hamburg, Germany (allegedly)

UPDATE: Video was taken down on youtube. Try to see it here

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golublog said...

I think it's just an excuse for soft core porn. And a poor one at that.